Getting Started With Flixel

My goal with PushButton Engine was to create a learning game engine that can display a real-time strategy game (crawler), a sim world, or a combination of both. I want to create something very modular so that it can be reused for variety of training/learning situations. However, although I prefer the modular architecture they used, there isn’t enough support for newbies yet, so I switched gears and started working with Flixel.

I researched several Flash game libraries and Flixel was my second choice, and I was able to accomplish as much with it in a few hours as I did with PBE in a week. The advantage of a more mature community is that there are tools built around it to set up tiles, maps and so forth which make the workflow and learning curve much more promising in the short run.

However, Flixel is at it’s heart a platform-jumper engine. This is a problem: in order to create an ISO projected world I will have to work against the grain with tiles, collisions and character movement. There is one other engine I need to try…

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