A Win: Best of Show


Distinguished Award / Best of Show for Dave Pesce, Sue Birkbeck, Jeff Denmark, Dave McClelland, and Sharon Ryan’s work on the Ortho Clinical Diagnostics VITROS 5600 Integrated System Operator Training. A customized e-learning course was created to train customers on the operation of a new blood analyzer. Novatek developed the e-learning to prepare learners to participate in a 3-day instructor-led course, eliminating approximately 8 hours of classroom training.

Since this training will be offered worldwide, Novatek anticipated translation costs and proposed an XML-based solution, which significantly minimizes translation costs. To support OCD’s vision of training as a sales differentiator, our team incorporated simulations, branching, and motion elements in the e-learning. This improves the learner engagement, while also serving as an effective method for transferring knowledge.

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