How Moo Changed My Opinion On Business Cards

When I started my most recent full-time job I decided business cards were too old-fashioned to bother with – “we’ll use Linked In and eMail- why carry around these quaint little cards.”

Then I stumbled across while looking for a way to print a set of prototype game design cards. What’s so great about Moo? They are set up so that you can print any number of unique cards in a single batch. I can get 50 cards printed that contain 50 unique designs. I am not sure what part of the card is the front or the back anymore : )

Card Back Preview 

Card BackPreview

Card Front Preview

Card Front Preview

Actual Card Fronts

I uploaded my 50 card designs and set up my contact information on the back. The first time through the process was not entirely painless due to system confusion about whether I was ordering a trial run of 10 free cards or a paid run of 50. To their credit they do have a staff of support people on site, although I had to sort out the solution to my particular problem myself.

Now here’s where it gets interesting: instead of handing someone my business card in the perfunctory trading ritual, I can spread out my game design cards and have a conversation about them and do a mock design session right then and there. Let them pick one of the cards to keep. Leave them wanting more.

Not bad for $20! Here is a referral link:

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