Leading IoT Focused Podcasts

Some active podcasts covering IoT that I listen to regularly…

Internet of Things: General Topics and Industry News

Covers general topics with relevance across the IoT landscape. Includes consumer issues, industry-wide concerns like device aging/lifecycles, and has frequent guests. Hosted by Stacey Higgenbotham, it is a companion to her website.

IoT Leaders: Interviews with Startups

Interviews with leaders in the IoT business. Gets into the use cases, how they came up with a business idea, challenges and learning. This podcast is by an IoT service provider called Eseye.com – but thankfully there is little overt self-promotion going on.

iot for all: Commercial Applications

Topics are generally geared towards commercial IoT such as Smart Buildings, AI, Edge Computing, Digital Twins and Remote Management. Their website has a lot of content for someone curious to study up on IoT.

Industrial IoT Spotlight: Understandable use cases

Describes how to achieve typical practical goals of IoT initiatives, such as using IoT to move from a passive to active safety posture, Build out a scalable IoT network, Using satellite as part of IoT network, API security, etc. These are often discussed in a guest interview format where the guest has expertise and a product or service they offer that addresses the topic. Published by IoT One.

IoT Coffee Talk IoT morning radio

If you wish you could overhear a couple tech guys talking about IoT to each other over coffee, this is perfect. You can even watch them on their Youtube channel which is the source of the audio for the podcasts. Opinionated and more informal like a morning radio program. Generally cover topics that are in the tech news recently, such as Sidewalk, Generative AI, developers conferences, and other topics that are tangential to IoT sometimes.

Over the Air: What didn’t work? Unpopular opinions. Interesting.

Another interview blog featuring industry leaders and talking heads. Predictions, opinions, use cases, business challenges and opportunities. A refreshing willingness to review things that went wrong in various ways and how they overcome them.

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