Quiz Creation Software

Quiz Question Content Delivery Using Macromedia Shockwave and IMS Question and Test Interoperability

Quiz Engine was designed to address several specific design and business requirements that were not satisfied by an existing HTML/Javascript solution.

File size reduction (download speed)

Skin-able interface

Separation of code from presentation

Tool-free content development

Rich set of question types

100% repeatable reliability

Responsive interface elements

Multi-browser compatibility

Design /Performance Goals


The user interface, created in Flash, can be swapped out without changing underlying code, making it easy to rebrand or include multiple interfaces that respond to variable data.

Skin 1 Skin 2

Interface examples

How It Works

Quiz Engine accepts data which is embedded in the HTML of the page the launches it. The data contains the quiz content. It is used to drive the display and manage user responses.

Performance Optimization

Quiz Engine downloads once and then processes data files to display each quiz. This results in performance gains nearing 100% over the previous JavaScript implementation, which had to completely download every time.

The question data-files can be created in any text editor. Instructional designers can write the quiz questions and feedback or questions can be imported.

Q41501-1|m|feedback~Please match the Managers in the left column with the appropriate function in the right column.~5~I/O Manager~Window Manager~Process Manager~Virtual Memory Manager~IPC Manager~Contains layers of drivers.~Manages screen display.~Creates and deletes threads.~Provides memory address mapping.~Passes messages between processes.

Quiz Engine Code for One Matching Question

sw1="Q40703-1|s,f,f|In the industry you usually hear the term QUOTEIP addressQUOTE rather than QUOTETCP/IP addressQUOTE. Why?~Because the IP protocol is responsible for addressing and routing~because a TCP address refers to the network and the IP address refers to the actual node|The TCP/IP protocol suite uses the __ protocol to find a particular computer by it's hardware address.~address resolution~internet control message~transmission control~user datagram~internet|feedback~This is all customizable for each customer.~The __ protocol performs the same function as the Transmission Control Protocol without requiring an established connection.~user datagram~internet~internet control message~address resolution~internet group management">

Quiz Engine Code for a Short Quiz


There have been no defect reports on quizEngine related to internal code issues since the design was finalized.


SparQuiz was developed to succeed quizEngine. It offered more question types, a different user interface, and further optimized code. But the essential new feature of sparQuiz was that it read question data in Question and Test Interoperability format. Also known as QTI, this specification was finalized by IMS Global Learning Consortium, an industry group in which I was a developer member.

Because it supported QTI, SparQuiz gained the capability of being used to deliver questions as part of an assessment tool, handling response evaluation (scoring each question), outcomes (questions scores for an entire quiz) and cumulative processing of outcomes (weighted averaging). SparQuiz was designed to have the capability of sending response evaluations that are also specified by QTI.


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