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I recently started a REACT project where I wanted to explore how much more of the process could be automated. When I started using Vite to build it was so quick! It really shows the value of repeatable background processes to productivity. So let’s capitalize on that…

With automation in mind, I captured each minute detail of the process involved with starting up the project.

Once I had built and pushed, I added a README file. Without much deliberation I pasted the process steps into it. The numbered steps pasted in like code. I realized that I could use it as a starting point to write a shell script. It’s psuedocode. file in editor

And that got me thinking about how project readme files have evolved along with what we expect of them. At one time they were a file I would only open if I was stuck in the “getting started” phase. Then I encountered some that were a bit better prepared and used them as a reference for re-installing or rebuilding a project. After working on a few projects like that, finding a boilerplate or marketing-oriented readme would actually turn me off about the project. I think Github should get some credit for providing the environment for this.

Have I arrived at another stage of this evolution? Is the readme file (for my own private projects, mind you) a living document? A proposal for how to automated until we reach the ideal, single step?

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