Browser Console test: lodash

Lodash was recently identified as having a security flaw up through the current release version.
I wanted to see what version was currently running on a webapp,

  • reproduce a tell-tale script to confirm the vulnerability
  • rebuild the app with the fixed version
  • confirm the vulnerability was fixed.

To get the current version I put _.VERSION in the console with the site loaded. I added this as a live expression (click the eyeball next to the console filter) so I could keep tabs on the version as I accessed different parts of the app and rebuilt it using the fixed version.

entering the version script in live expression editor

Then I entered the telltale script in the console:


which was provided on HackerOne by lodash author jdalton.

With the vulnerability, console(c) prints


After rebuilding with the fix version of lodash, the same script prints

prototype pollution reproduced

I noticed after pasting the images that it is important to include the VERSION value in the screenshot if you intend to document patching this kind of issue efficiently.

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