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Good friend and fellow SCORM expert Brian Wilson suggested a method for viewing SCORM calls in a log file, similar to ADL’s SCORM RTE Test Suite works.

This method requires modifiying the wrapper script with calls to a function that writes to the log window. If you work with content from muliple sources (like I do), you might need to modify several wrapper scripts to enable logging on all your content. It took me an hour to get one set up with the wrapper script that comes with the ADL SCOurse course. Most of the time was spent copying and pasting code snippets into the various functions and tailoring the message to be displayed in the log.

I can’t help but wonder why there are so many different versions of the API wrapper. They all do the same root functions. In my experience some are definitely better than others, but I wish there was one good one that included this logging ability and a standard way to build on extensions required by different LMS’s. A project I am working on presently will probably require me to add logging functions to several common wrapper versions. Who know, I might wind up creating a common wrapper for myself.

If you would like to see the logging window in action, I have put the wrapper with the functions with on my Moodle site. Make sure register and/or log-in and you have your pop-up blockers off. SCOurse course is under SCORM in the Course categories listing.

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