Google Dream Catcher

Working as a professional creative person, I have to take inspiration seriously. I want to capture ideas, dreams and other random things before they float away.

Here is a super-lightweight tool that I set up to help me do that no matter where I am or what time it is, thanks to Google:

Get Google Docs

Create a new Form

When you enter something in this form it will be added to a table that is searchable and indexable, and will appear as a link after you submit your entry. You can enter ideas from browser, phone, iPad, etc. If you get inspired visually you can use a theme- I am not sure how well it works with mobile devices. I am in favor of keeping it lightweight and simple.

Although this is a personal tool, Google has built in sharing options so that you could use this for a group. At some point a wiki is probably better for a group than a form/table.

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