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I was quoted in the “Hmmm” column in the late Dr. Dobbs Journal January 2008 issue. It was in reference to an earlier column about passwords:

But Dave McClelland’s approach to passwords is what I’d call a “hybrid DAS”:

I draw a simple image using the keyboard [by tapping] in a pattern twice—one time with the Shift key down. When my password must be reset, I move my starting point over one key to the left or right. A small pattern leaves room for over 100 sequences without repeating. An interesting side effect is that I have to watch myself do the sequence to be able to know what the letters, numbers, and/or symbols are. If I forget anything, it is the starting point for the pattern—and I simply move over one position. Some phone numbers lend themselves to this technique on telephone keypads. There was a phone company several years ago that used to advertise that you could use their long distance service by “dialing down the center.”

online version.

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